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A 2D Animation Video That Will Take Your Business To The Next Level is Here - at Your Fingertips!

If your company does not have a professional animation video, you may be missing out on a golden opportunity. Video is both cost-effective, engaging, and incredibly easy for you as a customer.

WE have made it easier than ever for your business. Thanks to our packages of tailor-made additional solutions, your company can get an animation video that attracts new customers at a very favorable price.

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Customized for your business

We know that every business has a unique need. That’s why we’ve created fixed-price packages that can be easily combined with tailor-made extra services – so that your video is exactly the way you want it.

Once you have chosen the right package for you, you can of course add things like extra voice, language, captions, better resolution, custom background music, or a dedicated format to Instagram and other social media.

We specialize in 2D animated videos because this format has a unique ability to engage the viewer, while the format is especially cost-effective for you as a customer.

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Price packages

8000 NOK
16000 NOK
24000 NOK
32000 NOK
Voice overYesYesYesYes
Sound EffectsYesYesYesYes
Length20 seconds40 seconds60 seconds90 seconds
Dedicated Project ConsultantNoNoYesYes
Languages AvailableEnglish onlyNorwegian or EnglishNorwegian or EnglishNorwegian or English
ResolutionHD (720p)HD (720p)Full HD (1080p)Full HD (1080p)
Price for additional 10 secs3000 NOK3000 NOK3000 NOK3000 NOK
Production Time (number of working days)15 202020
Order BasicOrder StarterOrder PlusOrder Pro

Choose your add-ons

Along with your package, you can choose from several of our popular add-ons, so that the video is tailored perfectly to match all your needs.

Extra duration time

You choose how long your animation video should be. In addition to the duration included in each package, you can order extra seconds. These cost NOK 3,000 per 10 seconds and give you the flexibility you need if your script is longer than the included seconds.

Multiple languages

Do you have an international audience? No problem! We can offer your animation video in several different languages. There is no reason to use the Norwegian video in Sweden, or the English in Norway. With language selection, we can adapt the video, script, and voice to your wishes.

Full HD resolution

Videos from our two smallest packages normally come in HD-ready resolution (720p). This usually applies to most platforms, but if you want a crystal-clear image also on large screens, you can choose Full HD for the best possible result. This resolution is included in our largest packages.


If you need revisions after delivery, we are happy to make the changes you request. For this, we charge an hourly rate, so you only pay for the necessary work.

Custom audio track

When you really want to add a unique touch to your 2D animated video, you can choose to let one of our professional music producers create unique music that fits your video perfectly. If not, we choose from our large music library.

Source files

If you plan on editing the video yourself in the future, or if you consider letting someone else to take care of further adjustments, you will need the original (source) files.

Additional formats

We offer tailor-made formats for a variety of social media, such as TikTok, Snapchat Instagram, Facebook, and stories. Maybe you want a shorter version of the video for Instagram in a square format? Or a video in portrait mode for Snapchat? Do not miss the opportunities that social media offer: adapt your video to multiple platforms so that your customers can find you, where they are – not where you expect them to be.


Many people watch videos in situations where the sound is muted, such as in the waiting room, on the bus, or while walking in the city, when they don’t hear what’s being said. In addition, it is a necessity for the hearing impaired. Subtitles for your video let people watch the video anywhere, with or without audio.

Multiple voice-over actors in one video

A narrator’s voice is always included in your video. A professional and engaging voice is crucial for the message to come out the way you want it. But sometimes you need multiple voices in one video. Then know that this option is available for you. We provide production of e.g., dialog that syncs perfectly with your video. This is how your perfect animation video is built.

It’s not without a reason that Buzzy Content has grown so fast. We know what it takes for you as a customer to increase your exposure and get you more sales. Because Buzzy Content works with the best in each industry area only. We possess unique knowledge and long experience. This golden combination is the key factor and the reason why our customers love the videos we produce.

Advertising | Ad Campaign Management

Buzzy Content makes a living by attracting leads and increasing sales for our customers through social media like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and on search engines like Google Ads. If you order a 2D animation video from us, we can also offer to take care of the entire campaign at a discounted price (-30% FIRST MONTH!) So that you achieve the best possible advertising results. By learning all about your company through the work with the video itself, we are also guaranteed a very good insight into their target groups. Combined with advertising and campaigns, we maximize the impact of your 2D animated video, so you reach the right audience in the right place, in the right format.

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Let's get started with your 2D Animation Video

This is how it works:

You order easily via our website or by phone.

To make it super easy for you – and for the sake of the environment – we work digitally. There are no papers you must sign, but we ask you to fill in the form digitally.

We collect information

For us to make a 2D animated video that hits your audience, we need to get to know your business better. In close collaboration with you, we get to know your company’s goals, branding, and a perfect buying persona. We do this through forms that you fill out, which makes the foundation for everything we create for you later in the process.

You pay the deposit

Once you have paid a deposit of 50% of the total amount, your project manager and screenwriter are ready to start production.

Script and brainstorming

To create a fantastic 2D animated video for your business, we first need a top-class script. This is where our professional screenwriters come into the play. Of course, we listen to their wishes and ideas before we put your message into words. We always work goal-oriented and with a focus on results, so that your animation video is as effective as possible. This part of the process takes approx. a week, but this may vary based on the feedback we need from you and desired amendments.

Voice over and illustration

Once the script is approved, the rest of the process can begin. Exciting! At this stage, the voice actor begins his work. Your script comes to life through engaging narrator voices who have worked in the industry for several years, and who know exactly what it takes for the message to not only be visible but also heard.

At the same time, we work with illustrations, to give the animators a clear idea of how the animation video should play out. When this is ready and the draft is ready, the storyboard is prepared, and our skilled animation team takes over.


This is an exciting phase in the project! Illustrations and storyboards come to life through the work of our skilled animators. Our team works passionately with every single animation in your video, so that it syncs perfectly with the script, voice, and story you want to tell. The result is a live animated video you can be proud of.

Music and sound effects

Finally, our audio people glue both music and sound effects together in one piece to give a smooth sensitive touch to make every 2D animated video just perfect.


You receive the video, fixed and ready to use. You can distribute it on social media, on your website or other marketing channels. The video helps to increase sales, engagement and understanding of your product or service, through both audio, video and visual means that have an unbeatable efficiency. All this, at the best price on the market. All you did was fill out a form. We call that a good deal!

Free Professional Advice

We know all projects are different. If you have any doubts, questions or just want to have a chat with us, we are more than willing to help you. Our goal is to create the perfect video, every time.
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Some tips before we start

No one knows your product and customers better than yourself. Therefore, think carefully about what the video should contain and what its purpose is. Our job is to present their message, compressed down to a minute or two on the screen. To do this, a good plan is important.



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