About Us

Our CEO & Founder – Peter Laskowski

A friendly and helpful Colleague who never stops dreaming big.

We Are Buzzy Content AS - a joint stock company
registered in Norway.

The mission we're on...

We’ve developed a global network of industry experts. They’ll grow your business and electrify your marketing efforts by implementing juicy, seductive, and personalized copywriting techniques. We’re here to help your business grow strong.

What is Buzzy Content AS all about?

Buzzy Content AS offers tailor-made Digital Advertising and Copywriting Services exceeding market standards. We create snappy converting content in the following languages: English, Norwegian, Danish, Swedish, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian. It means that our copywriting will help you reach your target audiences in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe in their native languages.

Digital consultancy

 We will get you winning content to beat your competitors. Our Digital Advertising & Copywriting Agency is built upon our passion, extraordinary commitment, and vast experience. Buzzy Content AS is registered in Norway but we’re located in multiple locations internationally. Each of us contributes with cutting-edge expertise and service when needed.