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Why Businesses Should Use 2D Animation and Explainer Videos

Want to boost your ROI? You need to make 2D animation an important part of your marketing strategy! 97% of marketers say consumers understand a product better if you explain it in a video. 2D animations are no exception! 2D animations grab attention, engage viewers, and get the point across cost-effectively, which is why they are so popular in the marketing world.

In this article, we’ll talk about:

  • Everything you need to know about 2D animation
  • Why you should be using 2D animation to market your business

Let’s dive in.

What are 2D Animations?

Simply put, creating movements of characters, creatures, and objects in a 2-dimensional space is 2D animation. If you’ve seen Disney’s classic animations like Bambi and The Little Mermaid, you know what 2D animation looks like. 2D animation is like a drawing on a piece of paper. They usually have 24 unique drawings in a single second.

The Role of a 2D Animator

2D animators use storytelling to communicate a message to their audience. For instance, a smart marketer would use 2D animations to communicate a specific marketing message effectively.

Why Are 2D Animations So Popular?

Probably the number one reason why 2D animations are getting so popular is that they are cost-effective. While 2D animations carry all the benefits of video content, they are considerably cheaper to create. This makes them incredibly cost-effective. Plus, they are interesting, fun, and easy to consume. You just can’t captivate people with boring content, which is why 2D animations are a marketer’s best friend.

What Makes a Great 2D Animation

The great thing about 2D animations is that they allow you to be creative without limits.

From a marketer’s perspective, a great 2D animation:

  • Grabs the attention of prospects
  • Keeps them engaged with your story or message
  • Communicates the core message effectively
  • Make viewers take the desired action

But, of course, it’s all about achieving your marketing goals. So, as long as a 2D animation is doing that, it’s great.

What is 2D Animation Video Effect?

An animation video effect is a visual or sound effect added against an object or text. For instance, the transitions between different scenes within a 2D animation video. Animators use a variety of animation effects to make their videos more appealing to the viewers.

2D Animations VS 3D Animations: What’s the Difference

While 2D animations work in 2D animations, 3D animations have a third dimension, which is why they look more realistic. Think of the 3D space we are living in; length, width, and height. Technically, 3D animations are just like that.

The only other difference you need to know is producing a 3D animation costs a lot. As a business, you can achieve the same with 2D animations. They can have the same impact on your viewers, so why spend extra? After all, your goal is to generate the maximum ROI (Return-on-investment) for your business. With all that out of the way, let’s talk about how you can use 2D animations to grow your business online.

What are 2D Animations Best For

Brand Awareness

2D animations are great for brand building because they help viewers better remember your product or service. The bottom line is: 2D animations make your brand more memorable, which is what we strive for while building brand awareness.


Have a product or service that needs to be advertised to a particular audience? 2D animation can help! Because no matter what your advertising goals are, 2D animation allows you to achieve them cost-effectively.

Educating Prospects About Your Business

2D animations can be incredibly effective at delivering information thanks to their visually appealing and engaging nature. So, educating prospects about your products, service, or business can be one of the best ways to use 2D animations.

Lead Generation and Sales

This is a big one. After all, every business thrives on conversions. One of the most important steps in your target customer’s purchasing journey is understanding how your product can help them. 2D explainer videos boost your conversions by helping you address their pain points or desires effectively.

Where Can You Use 2D Animation?

The best thing about 2D animation is: You can use it anywhere your target customers hang out. This could be social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, your website/landing page, or even video hosting platforms like YouTube.

Organic Social Media Marketing


Smart business owners are always on the lookout for creative strategies to grow their social presence. If you are one of them, you’d love 2D animation. In order to grow on social media organically, you need to create helpful, relevant, and exciting content. 2D animation helps you do that cost-effectively. There are a lot of benefits of 2D animations for social media. Let’s talk about a few.

Grabs and Holds Attention

Getting prospects’ attention is the first step in the whole selling process. You can’t expect to achieve that with boring, lifeless content. Social media is a crowded space, and people generally have a pretty low attention span. In order to stop users from doing whatever they are doing, your content needs to grab attention. 2D animation videos are arguably the best way to do that.

Not only do 2D animations grab attention but they hold it too. This means longer watch times on your videos, which is great for your overall reach. Plus, they are vibrant, engaging, and fun, and help you stand apart in the sea of information on social media.

2D Animations Simplify Complex Concepts

Now, you might not need to explain complicated concepts to your audience. But, if your business has a technical side or if you are trying to sell a complicated product, 2D animations are your best friend. Here is the reason: 2D animations are much easier to digest than any other form of content. Of course, you don’t only have to use them for complex concepts. You can make simple ones even easier. Plus, they are generally condensed with information, allowing you to communicate more information in less time.

The bottom line is: If you have something to teach or explain to your social media audience, you need to use 2D animations.


2D Animations are Memorable

If you want your message to stick to the memory of your audience, there is probably nothing better than 2D animation. Three qualities make 2D animations so effective at making your brand memorable. They are fun, enjoyable, and visually stand out. If you want to develop your brand identity, post eye-catching 2D animations on your social accounts regularly.

2D Animations are Fun to Watch

In the social media marketing world, nothing beats a fun and lively post. People love consuming light-hearted content after a long, hard day. You can use 2D animations to engage your audience, entertain them, and make them smile. This can help you build a permanent, loyal audience on social media.

2D Animations are Incredibly Cost-Effective

2D animation videos cost considerably less than other types of videos like 3D animations and live-action videos. In spite of that, they tend to have the same effect on your audience; attracting, retaining, and converting them. So, by using the power of 2D animation, you can make your social media marketing campaigns incredibly powerful and cost-effective.


YouTube is another place where you can use 2D animation videos to promote your brand or products in a variety of ways. Because they don’t cost much, you can use 2D animations to educate and entertain your viewers on a regular basis. Growing a YouTube channel might take some time, but once it starts getting attention, you generate high-quality leads on autopilot.

On Your Website or Landing Page

Social media and YouTube aren’t the only places 2D animations can prove their worth on. By using them on your website or landing page, you can gain even more benefits.Let’s talk about them.

Improves Website Rankings

2d animations

A video in general, and a 2D animation, in particular, can help you improve your website’s organic rankings. But, how? One of the factors that impact your site’s Google rankings is dwell time. It’s the time your visitors spend on your page on average. When you embed a 2D animation on your page, visitors tend to remain on it longer, which leads to a longer dwell time.

This can easily boost your organic rankings, allowing you to convert more prospects without having to invest in paid ads. There is another factor that’s at play here; when users spend more time on your site, your “Bounce rate” improves. Bounce rate takes into account the percentage of visitors that although land on your page hit the back button without taking any action. A higher bounce rate doesn’t only hurt your SEO rankings but also sends away qualified leads. Put a 2D animation at the top of your page and you’ll see your bounce rate improve in no time.

2D Animation Explainer Videos = More Conversions

As a business, the only thing that counts is conversions. You try to rank on top of the first page for conversions. Your goal is to maximize your conversion rate when you track and retarget one-time website visitors. 2D Explainer videos can help you boost your landing page conversions. And, that’s proven by a study conducted by Dropbox. The company put an animated explainer video on their homepage and tracked the results. The simple change brought the company 10% more conversions.

Breaks the Monotony of Text

Nothing can be a bigger turn-off than huge blocks of text. If you want to convert your website visitors, you need to keep them reading. One of the best ways to do that is by embedding 2D animation videos on your web page. They’ll keep your visitors hooked to your content.

Paid Advertising with 2D Animations

The internet is a busy place; there is a lot going on there. If you want to stop your prospects in their tracks, you need attention-grabbing content. With short, snappy, and visually-appealing 2D animations, you can not only attract attention but also get your message across effectively. But, the most attractive thing about 2D animations for a brand is their cost-effectiveness.

2D animations are relatively cheaper to produce than live-action videos and 3D animations. But, that doesn’t have to make them any less effective. In fact, 2D animations can get you the same results at a significantly lower cost. So, with 2D animation, you can achieve your advertising goals with a relatively low ad expenditure.

2D Animations as Business Email Signatures

An email signature is a great way to communicate your core message to your email subscribers.
It can help you:

  • Introduce the person behind the email
  • Build your brand personality
  • And, include any information you want

With a 2D animation as an email signature, you can introduce your brand, develop your brand personality, and even show off your best products.

Email Your Database

You don’t always have to send out text-based emails to your email database. Including 2D animations in your emails can help you educate, entertain, and connect with your email subscribers. This can easily lead to more brand loyalty and a long-term customer base.

Think 2D animations can help your business grow? Let’s see why you should be outsourcing it to the pros.

Reasons to Choose a 2D Animation Company

While you can try to handle 2D animation yourself, it’s not only time-consuming but demands a specific set of skills. So, ideally, you want to work with someone who knows the craft.
Here is why you should outsource 2D animation:

You Get Professional Guidance: If you want to learn 2D animation, nothing’s better than watching the pros do it.

There is less risk of failure: Let’s face it. You are better off investing your resources with professionals that know what they are doing.

You focus on other aspects of your business: You might not even have the time to create 2D animation videos yourself.

So, let the experts do their thing and focus on growing other areas of your business. Want us to create attention-grabbing, highly converting 2D animations for you?

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